KBS Did Both BTS And TXT Dirty With This Misleading Episode Of “The Return Of Superman”

Netizens are outraged by the disrespect.

KBS went under fire by BTS and TXT fans following an episode of The Return of Superman.

As many viewers know, Sam Hammington‘s sons, William and Bentley are huge fans of BTS.

During the episode, both the viewers and the babies were led to believe that they would meet BTS by visiting (then) Big Hit Entertainment. After waiting in the public lobby for some time, the show began to play various BTS songs and showed a group of idols approaching the two boys. But instead of BTS, TXT appeared, making both parties feel awkward.

Not only did William and Bentley seem disappointed, but TXT only appeared as “tour guides” when they’re successful idols in their own right.

What made it even more awkward was the fact that William and Bentley danced to BTS songs while TXT watched and cheered them on.

TXT fans were outraged that the group was only referred to as “BTS’s little brothers“, while BTS fans were angry that the show used the group as bait only to create an awkward situation for TXT.

In addition, Big Hit Entertainment also faced criticism for allegedly being thoughtless and using this as an opportunity to simply brag about their company building.

While there were many mixed opinions, netizens believed this behavior put both BTS and TXT in awkward situations while doing fans of both groups dirty. Not to mention, William and Bentley as well since they’ve been highly anticipating a meeting with their favorite “hyungs“.

Netizens took to online forums and YouTube’s comments section to express their disappointment with the show.

  • “I understand the kids since they might not know TXT yet and they went there to see BTS… but I feel like KBS’s captions were so thoughtless. I didn’t expect them to get a lot of screen time, but when the caption said, “And who are you?”, I thought that was so rude. It’s not like TXT came out as doorkeepers.”
  • “I feel like if BTS saw this, they would feel embarrassed, too. What kind of editing is that? It pisses me off that they used BTS as bait. I can’t believe it.”
  • “It broke my heart when Yeonjun tweeted that it made him happy to see the babies… He probably saw the broadcast.”
  • “This isn’t the first time KBS tried to sell BTS’s name.”
  • They only talked about BTS in front of TXT. So humiliating.”

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