KBS Prepared To Launch Largest Idol Audition Program Ever

Broadcasting channel KBS has announced their very own idol audition program, and it’s reported that it will be the largest ever.

An exclusive report detailed the formation of KBS’s new idol audition program tentatively called The Final 99 Match. KBS reportedly invested at least 7 billion KRW ($6.25 million USD) for the program.

The intention of this new program is to bring to light idols who have experience in releasing an album and promoting as an idol but have not experienced the success that they dreamed of.

250 males and 250 females will be recruited for the show and only 9 of each gender will survive until the end. The groups that are formed from this show are not limited to only being male or female, there is a possibility for co-ed groups to emerge too.

An official with knowledge of this program explained why it was being created.

“The core of this program is to bring out those who are eager to be a star and give them that opportunity once again.”

— KBS Official

Source: Ilgan Sports