This Topless Rapper Makes Special Appearance At Kehlani’s Concert In Korea

She even twerked to “MOMMAE.”

On February 13, American singer-songwriter Kehlani held a concert in Korea as part of her tour Blue Water Road Trip, and the audience was blown away by a surprise guest.

Kehlani Blue Water Road Trip Tour Poster | Live Nation Entertainment

In the middle of the concert, Kehlani suddenly brought out rapper Jay Park, who entered the stage singing “All I Wanna Do (Feat. Hoody, Loco)”. He then gave Kehlani a shout-out for bringing him out and said, “Can I give you a hug real quick? Is that cool?” The crowd went wild.

Jay Park (left) and Kehlani (right) | @zoosokr/Instagram

Jay Park then taught Kehlani the dance to his song “MOMMAE,” which led to some audience members yelling, “Take it off!” Their wish came true when Jay Park took off his shirt in the middle of his performance of “MOMMAE,” with Kehlani joining in with the choreography in the chorus.

Jay Park posted a video of him and Kehlani dancing on his Instagram, thanking her for showing love to “the culture,” and inviting her to “come back sooner than later!

Watch the full moment here.


@Kehlani brought Jay Park on stage at her concert and he taught her the Mommae dance.

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Source: Instagram and TikTok

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