Kento Nakajima Is Accused Of Plagiarizing BTS V’s “Singularity” Choreography

Kento Nakajima’s choreography shows uncanny resemblance with BTS V’s “Singularity”.

Japanese singer and SexyZone member Kento Nakajima is being accused of plagiarizing BTS‘s V‘s “Singularity” choreography after footage of him performing his song “Because of Love” shows uncanny resemblances to V’s.

V’s choreography features a coat on a hanger with one of his arms in the arm of the coat, pretending to be another person. The hand in the coat holds his neck, his face, and even intertwines with his free hand.

The same can be seen in Kento Nakajima’s choreography.

Both choreographies also utilize masks, as well as black robes for the performers. Additionally, ARMYs are claiming that even the hairstyle and facial experessions are reminiscent of V.

Netizens and fans are saying that due to how similar the performances are, there is no way it’s a coincidence. Some have jabbed at Kento Nakajima’s performance, claiming that it’s more of a cover performance rather than his own original work.

It was revealed that the choreographer who did V’s “Singularity” was also in charge of “Because of Love”.

People were originally upset that the choreographer gave Kento Nakajima a similar choreography, saying that the concept and styles are too similiar and the choreographer is being lazy.

Keone Madrid, the choreographer, spoke up on Twitter concerning the issue. He claims that though he choreographed the dance, he recommended artistic alternatives to differ Kento Nakajima’s choreography with V’s. He did not sell the dance to them.

Some have defended Kento Nakajima, claiming that he only did this because he is a fan of V. In the past, he has mentioned that he is a huge fan of BTS and that he especially likes V. People believe he did this as a way to be like his idol.

Check out Kento Nakajima’s performance here.

Source: TheQoo and SexyZone-Joho