You Can Visit Kep1er Chaehyun’s “Animal Crossing” Island (And It’s The Cutest Thing!)

Make sure you visit ‘Biya Island’ as well!

Kep1er‘s Chaehyun has many talents. From her fantastic dancing to her impressive vocals, there are many things to love about the group’s center. What a lot of people may not know is that aside from her dedication to her idol career, she is also an avid fan of Animal Crossing.

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Many idols love the popular Nintendo Switch game — the likes of Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany and BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo have played it — but Chaehyun’s love for the game seems to be next level.

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Fans have known about Chaehyun’s interest in the game for quite some time, as the idol loves talking about it with fans. When asked on Twitter if she plays the game, she even invited the fan to play with her!

Come and play with me next time.

— Kep1er’s Chaehyun

On another occasion, a fan wanted to know who her favorite Animal Crossing villager was, and she happily shared that it was Poppy the squirrel.

But it’s not only fans. Chaehyun even talks about the game with fellow idols! For instance, during a live broadcast, Sunmi shared that Chaehyun wanted to know whether she played and even asked about her ID, which Sunmi found super cute.

Her obsession with the game is absolutely adorable. Fans love it and even joke about the Kep1er star playing it in the dorm whenever she’s inactive as an idol.

Showing her deep bond with Kep1ians, Chaehyun shared her island address with everyone, making it possible for them to visit the island and even play together! Fans left the island full of good impressions, having nothing but praise for Chaehyun’s decorating skills!

But the adorableness doesn’t stop there! Ever the quick-minded detectives, Kep1ians found that one of Chaehyun’s outfits in real life was a near-perfect replica of an outfit the idol’s character wears in the game. Talk about dedication!

Another cute detail is the name of Chaehyun’s island. During a fan video call, she shared that she named her island ‘비야’ (‘rain’ in Korean) because she really likes rain!

Ever since Chaehyun shared her island address, fans have been visiting often. Some even bought Nintendo Switch consoles to visit and play with her! If you want to visit as well, her island code is DA-3710-0884-4478.