Kep1er’s Hikaru Tears Up Remembering Her Fears That She Would Never Debut

She didn’t know how much longer she could be a trainee.

Kep1er‘s Hikaru is well-loved by fans for her adorable personality…

Fierce stage presence…

Hikaru performing “Purr” on Queendom 2 | Mnet K-POP/Youtube 

And incredible dance ability.

Hikaru’s love of the stage makes it clear she was destined to be an idol.

But in a recent interview with a fan’s mother, Hikaru shared through tears that she was actually incredibly worried about ever being able to debut and fulfill her dream.

I debuted through a program called Girls Planet 999 mentioned in the letter. I thought a lot about whether I could debut or not, and I was really upset. But I’m so touched to hear that [your daughter] liked me since then.


Hikaru | HeyNews/YouTube 

Hikaru debuted as a member of the girl group Kep1er by finishing seventh in Mnet‘s Girls Planet 999.

Hikaru in Girls Planet 999 | Mnet

But, like many trainees who compete on survival shows, Hikaru saw Girls Planet 999 as one of her only chances at being able to debut.

Before I came out to Korea, I was a trainee in Japan. I didn’t know when I could debut. I just kept practicing every day and every day went by like that.


| HeyNews/YouTube 

Hikaru’s parents were supportive of her dreams and told her to keep working for them “until [she was] satisfied.”

I talked about [my concerns] with my parents for the first time, and I asked them how long I could do this. I want to do it until I can achieve my dream, but it wasn’t easy. What else should I do? I said that and my parents told me to do it until [I am] satisfied.


| HeyNews/YouTube 

And fortunately, Hikaru was able to debut with Kep1er, where she has gotten to show off her countless charms.

Source: HeyNews

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