Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih’s Cover Of Somi’s “XOXO” Proves She Is Born To Perform

You would have thought she was performing her own song!

Weekly Idol uploaded some previews of their episode featuring Kep1er to their YouTube channel.

One of those videos included a fan requesting that member Huening Bahiyyih perform a short cover of soloist Somi‘s recent comeback “XOXO.”

Although Huening Bahiyyih claims to be nervous when she first takes the center, the hosts of Weekly Idol tease her as she, without hesitation, strikes the pose to the beginning of the bridge of Somi’s song.

Huening Bahiyyih covering “XOXO” | ALL THE K-POP/YouTube 

But as soon as the music starts to play, any hesitation that Huening Bahiyyih has is gone, and she immediately focuses on the choreography.

Somi performing her song “XOXO” | SBS KPOP/YouTube  
| ALL THE K-POP/YouTube  

Encouraged by her members’ enthusiastic cheers, Huening Bahiyyih nails every aspect of the choreography.

| ALL THE K-POP/YouTube 

Her facial expressions perfectly alternate between adorable and bright, and fierce and powerful, which perfectly fits the upbeat song and sharp choreography.

Although the cover is short, fans can easily see Huening Bahiyyih’s sharp isolations, musicality, and excellent attention to detail.

| SBS KPOP/YouTube  
| ALL THE K-POP/YouTube 

Fans on Twitter even put Huening Bahiyyih’s cover next to Somi’s performance to show just how accurately Huening Bahiyyih had mimicked the moves.

It also felt fitting that the idol performed this cover with her blonde hair, which was the same style as Somi’s during “XOXO.” Lending them both to look like beautiful Barbies while performing.

And although fans found Huening Bahiyyih’s initial reaction as adorable as the hosts did…

They were incredibly impressed by the skill she demonstrated. And fans can only hope that she will get many more opportunities to shine like this in the future.

Although Huening Bahiyyih always is a shining presence whenever she takes the stage and easily captures her fans’ attention, this cover definitely proved her dance skills. It showed that she was born to perform.

You can watch the full clip here.