Kep1er’s Youngeun Named The Recent K-Pop Performance She Thinks Is The Coolest — And She’s Not Wrong

Where is the lie?

After a seriously impressive debut in January 2022,  Kep1er has made their way to Weekly Idol to promote their debut album and do some fun activities.

| @official_kep1er/Twitter

Fans who are familiar with the show know that the guests always fill out a profile to share some interesting facts about themselves. Kep1er were asked on their profile to write down which performance they thought had been particularly cool recently, and member Youngeun had a great answer.

Youngeun | @official_kep1er/Twitter

She wrote down on her questionnaire that she thought the coolest recent performance was…ATEEZ‘s “The Real”!

“The Real” was first debuted by ATEEZ in the finale for the survival show Kingdom: Legendary War, so it was truly designed to be a standout performance. It became the title track for ATEEZ’s comeback in December 2021, and with the inclusion of Mingi, who was on hiatus during ATEEZ’s run on Kingdom: Legendary War, “The Real” reached new heights in terms of performance level.

We can’t help but agree with Youngeun. After all, there is a reason why ATEEZ are known as the performance masters!