Here’s The Most Dangerous Move In Kep1er’s “WA DA DA,” According To Yujin And Dayeon

“Dayeon got hit by me a lot.”

Kep1er‘s choreography for “WA DA DA” is more dangerous than it looks!

Recently, the members of Kep1er sat down for an interview with Kpop Herald, where they answered questions from Twitter. A keen-eyed fan asked about the move where Yujin raises her leg above Dayeon.

During Dayeon’s part in Wa Da Da, there’s that move where Yujin raises her leg and Xiaoting has to catch it. Do you have any fun story about practicing this move? Did you ever hit one of you by accident?

— Kep1er fan

Yujin revealed that because of the close proximity between her leg and Dayeon’s face, accidents unfortunately happened. When they first started practicing the move, she didn’t know how high she needed to raise her leg, causing Dayeon to get hit several times.

At first, I wasn’t used to it. I didn’t know how far I was supposed to move, so Dayeon got hit by me a lot in the beginning. I felt bad.

— Yujin

Dayeon, however, didn’t mind at all! She kindly said, “Nah, it’s okay.”

She proceeded to describe the other choreography that she found difficult—when she and Yujin grab each other’s hands. Because they don’t make eye contact in this part, she believes it looks messy when they miss.

It’s not only about the feet, but Yujin and I have to hold hands without making eye contact, so it becomes a mess if we can’t grab each other’s hands.

— Dayeon

Although the choreography of “WA DA DA” has some challenging parts, the girls manage to execute it flawlessly!

Source: YouTube