Key Returns To Film With BoA For The First Time Since Losing Jonghyun

What did BoA say to SHINee Key when they finally met again on Jeju Island?

For the first time since member Jonghyun‘s death, SHINee‘s Key returned to appear on the 61st episode of Keyword #BoA and was reunited with BoA.

Key lost Jonghyun in December, shortly after shooting the previous episodes of the show and could not return to the program for a while.


At the beginning of the show, BoA showed excitement to see Key again.


It had been a month since BoA filmed with Key. He had taken time off to mourn the passing of Jonghyun.

“I missed you, Kibum.” — BoA


Key and BoA reunited when he picked her up at Jeju International Airport.


BoA and Key greeted each other casually. BoA explained in a separate interview that she read Key’s Instagram post and decided to treat him like she always does.

“If possible, when you see us, please treat us like you would have treated us any other time. Please keep supporting us, we would appreciate the love so much. Please keep the members and me motivated to live through this, by encouraging us like you’ve been doing all along. We won’t let you down. Thank you.” — Key


BoA explained she felt better knowing how Key wanted to be treated.


Rather than catching up on the past month, BoA and Key talked about the usual things, like the weather!


Key stated, though he was not shooting the show, he kept in touch with BoA and it was good to see her in person again.


BoA added, “I texted him a lot saying I missed him. It was fascinating, it didn’t feel like it’d been a long time since we last met.”


Unfortunately, this will be the last episode of Keyword #BoA with Key and BoA.


Source: Insight


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