Key Reveals A Predebut Story About Taeyeon’s Secret Admirer

Taeyeon had forgotten all about this.

When SHINee‘s Key invited Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon over for dinner on his Cheongdam KEYchen show, the two shared stories from their past.


At one point, Key revealed just how popular predebut Taeyeon was by bringing up a tale from their trainee days.


For a brief moment, Taeyeon looked at Key with trepidation…


…but that quickly turned to excitement.


She even asked the staff to include Key’s story in the final cut!


Key began by mentioning a flower and a bear doll; gifts Taeyeon had once received from a trainee, who has since left SM Entertainment.


At first, Taeyeon couldn’t remember the presents, but it soon came back to her.


Key said that he and others were helping the trainee to “set the mood”, since trainees were not allowed to date.


If Taeyeon’s admirer wanted to show his interest, he had to find a way to do it without directly confessing his feelings, K-Drama style.


After Key finished the story, Taeyeon encouraged him to continue.


She wanted to hear more about her past admirers…


…but that was the only story Key had!


To see more, check out the video here.