She Was Kicked Out Of Her Group, But Now Makes More Than They Ever Did As A Streamer

She was once sentenced to prison, but it’s all changed now.

Dahee was once a part of GLAM, a girl group under BigHit and Source Music, that was on its way to the top.

But she was kicked out of the group and GLAM disbanded after she was found guilty and sentenced to prison for blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun.

But now, things have definitely changed for Dahee as she’s been making over $150,000 from her live broadcast videos! Dahee reportedly accumulated over 2 million balloon stars for both January and February 2019, which means she can cash out about 200 million KRW (161,133 USD) for each month!

In her videos, she gains lots of fans as she converses with the viewers for hours. She also takes the time to show off her cute and sexy dances…

…as well as covers of famous songs, proving she still has her renowned talent!

Check out some of Dahee’s popular videos below: