Kikwang and Dongwoon Transform Into The Goblin And Grim Reaper

In the drama Goblin,  the Goblin and Grim Reaper have shown us how to look sexy while carrying grocery bags. Lee Gikwang and Son Dongwoon have decided to give it a shot and followed their footsteps.

On January 13th, Gikwang and Dongwoon featured as guests in support for their fellow member Doojoon‘s new show, Raid the Convenience Store. They made a spectacular entrance by parodying a scene from Goblin, as they carried their bags of goodies for the show while walking like models on a runway. The way their walk was filmed was almost exactly like how the scene from Goblin was filmed and even the background music matched as well.

Here’s how the original hilarious scene from the drama came to be:

In episode 10 of Goblin, Kim Go Eun‘s character, Eun-tak, decided to prepare traditional food for the New Year. She reminisced the time when the Shin and the Reaper came out from the fog looking super cool as they came to save her from the loan sharks and how much time has passed since then. Eun-tak then realized that she was missing green onions for the rice cake soup she was making, and the pair agreed to go buy some.

Since Eun-tak told them that they looked cool, they decided to reenact the scene by walking down the road carrying bags of green onion amidst the fog while looking like like movie stars.

Watch the full clips of both the original and the parody below! 


Gikwang and Dongwoon’s Parody: