Kim Donghan Gave His Fellow “Law Of The Jungle” Cast Mates Personalized Headbands

What a sweetheart!

Recently, Kim Donghan joined the cast of Law of The Jungle for their trip to the Sunda Islands.

As a gift to the other celebrities participating, he decided to surprise them with personalized headbands. The idol wrote down the names of his fellow guests and personalized each design on a cloth and then hand-stitched them onto the headband.

For APRIL‘s Yena, he designed her headband with flowers that are as pretty as her!

For Kim Byung Hyun, he drew a baseball for his headband, which is fitting since he is a former professional baseball player.

Kim Heo Jae (also known as Hur Jae) had a basketball on his headband, signifying his job as a basketball coach and former player.

Cho Junho‘s design features a black belt, referencing his job as a professional judoka.

Ha Yeon Joo‘s headband had music notes. Many found it cute, though wondered why he opted for music notes when the celebrity is famous as an actress and for being a former Miss Korea.

Park Sangwon‘s featured sunglasses, stars, and a slate, referencing his career as an actor.

And lastly, Kim Byun Man‘s headband featured the jungle, which is fitting for the show’s overall theme!

The members were seen wearing the headbands in the show, proving just how much they treasured the gifts given to them. Isn’t Donghan the sweetest?

Source: Pann