Kim Doyeon And Kim Sejeong Are Officially The Cutest Duo Ever

They are besties for life.

Kim Doyeon and Kim Sejeong, who are both former I.O.I members are officially the cutest duo in K-Pop.

The two met as contestants on the Mnet survival show Produce 101, with Sejeong representing Jellyfish Entertainment and Doyeon for Fantagio Entertainment. Even though the two competed, they created a bond. Doyeon even chose Sejeong as her visual center!

The two would end up making the final line-up and debut together in I.O.I. Fans were able to see their bond develop, and many agree that the two practically became sisters promoting together. Doyeon and Sejeong were able to share the stage when I.O.I promoted “Dream Girls” and “Very Very Very.”

When the group was nearing disbandment, fans were worried that they wouldn’t see any more interaction between the two members. During I.O.I’s last fan meeting, the members shed tears, and people had hoped that they would stay together. Sadly, the group would still end up disbanding.

But even though Doyeon is promoting with Weki Meki and Sejeong with gugudan, it seems the two created a bond that will last a lifetime. Also though they have their groups, they still hang out together, spend time together, and support each other. The two have indeed become sisters, and fans hope to see more interaction between the lovely ladies.

Source: Pann