Kim Go Eun Reveals Why Gong Yoo Was Jealous of Jung Hae In on the Set of “Goblin”

Kim Go Eun shared her first impression of Jung Hae In when they met on the set of “Goblin”.

On a recent episode of KBS’s Happy Together 4, Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In appeared as guests where Kim Go Eun spoke of her first time meeting Jung Hae In on the set of Goblin.

On the popular 206 drama, Goblin, Jung Hae In made a short but memorable appearance as Kim Go Eun’s character’s first love.

Kim Go Eun shared, “When the director first told me that Jung Hae In was cast as Eun Tak’s first love, I thought, ‘Eun Tak must like good-looking guys.’ His first impression was clean. He was the kind of person that seemed like he just came out from washing his face.

She then revealed, “When I finished filming with Jung Hae In and returned to the set, the staff said, ‘Gong Yoo told us you showed the brightest smile ever with him. He said you smiled in a way that you never did with him.’

In response to Gong Yoo‘s adorable “jealousy”, she told him, “I couldn’t help it” and made everyone burst into laughter.

Gong Yoo’s character in Goblin was also jealous of Jung Hae In’s character, so the cast and viewers couldn’t help but love that something similar happened in real life as well.

Source: Dispatch