Kim Go Eun has a male look-alike and the resemblance is mind-blowing

iKon‘s Bobby dressed in drag for a concert and some eagle-eyed fans noticed that, in a wig and skirt, he actually looks almost exactly like Kim Go Eun.

It may not be obvious all the time, but Kim Go Eun and Ikon’s Bobby actually look a lot alike. In fact, fans have noticed that if Bobby wears a wig, he and Kim Go Eun look almost identical!

Take a look at Kim Go Eun and Bobby’s similarities:

Bobby and Kim Go Eun’s eye smiles are very similar.
Kim Go Eun1
Go Eun’s resemblance is even clearer when she has black, straight hair.
Gazing upward Go Eun and Bobby have the same whimsical look about their features
Gazing upward Go Eun and Bobby have the same whimsical look.
Bobby’s angular face structure isn’t reminiscent of Kim Go Eun’s rounder face, yet the two still share a similar look.
Though missing her normal cat-like eye look you can see the similar plump lips and button nose
The two actually share similar plump lips and a similarly shaped nose.
When seen from the side suddenly they look like they could be the same person
When seen from the side however, suddenly the resemblance is uncanny.
bobby wig
Ikon’s Bobby in this brown wig looks nearly identical to Go Eun in the last pic. Just curl the wig a bit and they’re basically the same person!

Kim Go Eun and Bobby have a strikingly similar look. Though not exactly twin-like, the resemblance is definitely there. Luckily, Bobby dressed in drag for one of iKon’s concerts and showed us how similar they look!