Kim Go Eun’s Nephew Takes the Spotlight with His Full Head of Hair at Just 1 Day Old

It’s hard to believe he was only a day old in the photo.

Actress Kim Go Eun recently uploaded a new photo of herself posing next to a newborn baby.



The caption reads, “Kim Roy on day 1. Your aunt loves you” and the photo shows Kim Go Eun smiling brightly while standing in front of the glass wall separating her from her newborn nephew.

In addition to Kim Go Eun’s natural beauty, what caught the attention of netizens was the amount of hair on the baby’s head.

Despite just being born, Kim Go Eun’s nephew was photographed with a head full of black hair that’s not often seen on newborns.

As a result, netizens can’t help but admire his genes and predict that he’ll grow up to be just as naturally stunning as his aunt, Kim Go Eun.


Source: Insight