Kim Goeun And Jung Haein Adorably Tease Each Other Through A Compliment Battle

Their chemistry is the cutest!

Kim Goeun and Jung Haein reacted to some scenes from their romance film Tune In For Love.

They were watching a scene from the film where high school girls were waiting and flirting with Jung Haein. He suddenly asked his co-star if a lot of men asked her out when she was working part-time before becoming an actress.

Kim Goeun was humble admitted that situations like those are very rarely encountered and difficult to experience, however she is sure that her co-star has experienced it often.

The actress shared instead that the elderly would compliment her a lot when she was a part-time worker. Her on-screen partner threw another compliment at her and said that it was because Goeun is very polite and pleasant towards the elders.

This time, Goeun didn’t deny the compliment and instead, thanked her co-star for his kind words.

Their chemistry is evident even off-screen and they seem to have created a good bond with each other.

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