Actress Kim Hee Sun Rented A Cafe For The Whole Day With Her Own Money, Here’s Why

She had a heartwarming reason why!

In a recent episode of Knowing Brothers, actor Joo Won shared a heartwarming story about actress Kim Hee Sun.

Actor Joo Won (Left) & actress Kim Hee Sun (Right)

Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun were castmates on the K-Drama Alice, and they grew close while filming together.

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Joo Won then shared a story about Kim Hee Sun. There was a day where they had to shoot at a narrow valley for Alice. The staff members of the show were uncomfortable, as there was no room for them to wait in.

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Kim Hee Sun saw how uncomfortable the staff were, so she rented a whole cafe for them to wait at!

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Kim Hee Sun coolly told the cafe, “I’ll pay you, so let us use the cafe for the whole day.

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That day, not only did the staff have a place to rest, but they also had unlimited coffee!

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How kind of Kim Hee Sun!

Actress Kim Hee Sun

Here’s the full video below!