Kim Heechul Decided To Suffer From Baldness Because His Sex Life Is Far More Important

In a recent episode of Life Bar, Super Junior’s Heechul revealed that he started seeing signs of balding.

Being an idol, he bleached his hair regularly, so he recently consulted a dermatologist for a consultation on balding medication.

Shin Dong Yeop then asked him about some rumors on how balding medication affected men’s stamina.

Kim Heechul revealed that he did indeed hear the rumors, among many others, so he decided not to take it.

“I heard that men can’t do what they need to do properly (if they take balding medication), so after deliberating, I decided not to take it.

If I don’t have that sense of independence, how can I live?

After looking it up on the Internet, I also read that if you stop taking the medication, you lose your hair again.”

— Kim Heechul

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