Kim Heechul Hates Going On Variety Shows With His Super Junior Members For This Reason

SupeperJunior’s Heechul, Donghae, Yesung, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong appeared in this week’s MBC Everyone’s Weekly Idol, announcing their new song ‘Black Suit’.

Members came back after a long break from appearing on TV, and they acted crazy during the show.

Eunhyuk who just came back after serving in a military walked around the set while other members were talking.

Donghae randomly started practising his dance moves.

One of the hosts of the show Jung Hyung Don asked Hechul if he is embarrassed by his members.

“Yes, I think it will be better for members to appear on TV individually”

– Heechul

Heechul also mentioned that Eunhyuk is not funny anymore, giving a big shock to Eunhyuk.

“He used to be so funny (but not anymore)”

– Heechul

Their craziness continued throughout the show, putting the hosts into a panic.

The famous quote “There could a less crazy person in Superjunior but no one who is sane” was inserted during the show to show how crazy Superjunior members are.

Heechul could be seen not knowing what to do with the crazy members and it could be understood why he hates to go on variety shows with his members.