Kim Heechul Hilariously Explains Why He Wants His Ex-Girlfriends To Become More Successful Than Him

The answer is sweet… but in a confusing way.

On the March 26 episode of KBS Joy’s 20th Century Hit Song, Super Junior‘s Heechul and his co-host Kim Min Ah revisited classic songs that are famous for their narrations.

While listening to KISS’s 2001 ballad “Because I’m a Girl,” Heechul commented that the narration in the song’s interlude was scarier than he remembered.

Looking at it now, though, this narration is really kind of scary. Rather than a love song, it’s a song that puts a curse on someone. It says, ‘I don’t want things to go well for you.’


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Kim Min Ah disagreed, pointing out that many people would be annoyed if their ex became successful after a breakup. As breakups are a hard life event, a lot of people feel the same way as KISS did, wishing things didn’t go well for their ex.

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Heechul’s answer surprised the host as he had a different answer than the usual.

I actually want [my ex-girlfriends] to become even more successful. If, by chance, things go badly for them, I don’t want people to say their lives were ruined because they dated Kim Heechul. So I’m always hoping they’ll do even better and succeed even more than me.


Just like Heechul! Sweet and hilarious at the same time.

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