Kim Heechul Touches Fans’ Hearts As He Expresses SHINee Will Always Be Five Or Nothing

5 or nothing!

Kim Heechul’s touching and sweet remarks on the most recent episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros has touched SHINee fans everywhere.

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SHINee made a guest appearance in the most recent episode, making it the first time in five years since they’ve been on the show as a full group. The members had a great time filming the episode with fun stories from the military to the relationships between the members.

Fans noticed that throughout the show, Kim Heechul continuously mentioned the group as five members. When Onew started his quiz, Heechul guessed, “The five of you guys had your photo taken but only Onews’ face was blurred out”, and got the answer correct.

Kim also started dancing to “Sherlock” to express his happiness of getting the answer correct. “I ran around a lot today. I’ve done all five of your parts.”

Fans that saw Kim refer to SHINee as five members were truly touched by his remarks.

  • “I’m not a SHINee fan and yet I am so touched by this.”
  • “Kim Heechul is such a warm and sweet person.”
  • “I was really grateful to see this.”
  • “I didn’t realize this while watching the show. I’m so touched by Heechul.”

SHINee will be making a comeback on February 22 after a long hiatus. Their seventh album Don’t Call Me will release at 6 PM KST.

Source: xsportsnews and theqoo


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