Kim Heechul Nearly Cried When He Reunited With Former Super Junior Member Kim Kibum After 10 Years Apart

It showed what kind of person Heechul really is.

Kim Heechul and Kim Kibum reunited for the first time in a decade during an episode of Some Vival, a dating variety show where Heechul was an MC and Kibum appeared as a contestant!

Heechul and Kibum trained and debuted together as Super Junior members, but Kibum left the group to pursue a different career. The two were known as the top visuals of the group.

Due to each other’s busy schedules, the duo never reunited until a decade later, they met on this fated show!

As soon as the filming began, Heechul nearly cried as he was so happy to be seeing his old friend again. With nervousness in his voice, he claimed, “I feel like I’m going to cry… So many memories are coming back to me.

As the rest of the cast were focusing on the contestants, Kim Heechul couldn’t stop texting Kibum. Kibum had set his nickname in the group chat as “Noble Kim” and Heechul revealed that it was a nickname from years ago and that he still had Kibum saved on his personal phone as “Noble Kim”.

Even before they officially reunited, Heechul looked upon Kibum fondly as he revealed that Kibum “doesn’t know how to use technology and texts really slowly“, and it appeared that he’s still the same way!

When the two finally reunited, Heechul recalled old memories of how they used to live together and Kibum would take care of him.

Back when Kibum and I lived together around 2005-2007, I always went to nightclubs every night.

Kibum would stay home and play games, and he’d make me ramen when I came home drunk.

— Heechul

Kibum revealed that most recently he had barely left his home in over a year due to personal issues, but he decided to come on the show to find love and live a brighter lifestyle.

I think I stayed home for about 1 year. I never left my house.

— Kibum

Heechul couldn’t stop looking at Kibum fondly as he sincerely expressed, “I wish my Kibum can be happy.

It’s been 10 years since these two brothers were together but their love and bond hadn’t changed. Here’s to more beautiful memories between Heechul and Kibum!

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