Kim So Hyun Explains Why It Doesn’t Bother Her That She’s Never Been in a Relationship

Kim So Hyun has always been single, and she’s A-okay with that.

Kim So Hyun, who is currently drawing a lot of attention with her Netflix drama, Love Alarm, recently spoke to a news outlet about never having been in a relationship.

Kim So Hyun shared, “I’m 21 years old right now. Since I’m still young, it doesn’t feel weird that I’ve never been in a relationship before.

She also confessed, “I also feel like I don’t date because I act in so many romance dramas.

Kim So Hyun explained, “The dating life in dramas isn’t always happy and good. There are conflicts and times that are difficult. So once the drama is over, I sort of feel like I just got out of a real relationship.

She then added, “I’ve yet to meet someone who I’ve adored for a long time or felt the need to confess my feelings to. But if I do meet someone like that, I’d tell them. I believe in having an adventurous spirit in life.

Source: Insight