Kim So Hyun Makes Shocking Transformation by Cutting All Her Hair Off

She looks so much more grown up!

Actress Kim So Hyun recently made a shocking transformation by going from long hair to short hair which she let everyone know through her official Instagram account.


In the shared photos, Kim So Hyun can be seen with a short bob complimented by her naturally pale skin and red lips.

While sitting inside a car, Kim So Hyun posed for the selfies with a sentimental look in her eyes which along with her new haircut, made her look much more mature than before.

For as long as she’s been active as an actress in the Korean entertainment industry, she flaunted long and luscious hair, so this was quite the transformation and it looks quite amazing on her.

Fans were even able to see Kim So Hyun’s new hairstyle in person at her most recent fan meeting, and the shots from that day further prove just how well she pulls off this new look.

Source: Dispatch