Singer Kim Jaejoong’s Relationship Status Confession Takes A Quick Turn

He’s dating… who?!

On March 15, singer Kim Jaejoong appeared on Channel A‘s Men’s Life These Days: Groom’s Class, a show where guests share their thoughts and realities about marriage.

Kim Jae Joong | @jj_1986_jj/Instagram

In the episode, Kim Jaejoong shared he was busy traveling these days, especially to Japan for work, and even shared that he ranked number one in Japan’s list of Top 10 Male K-pop Idols Who Japanese Women Want to Marry in 2022.

What doesn’t make sense is that there are two BTS members under my name… I thought the chart was wrong.

— Kim Jaejoong

| @jj_1986_jj/Instagram

In the show, the audience was shown Kim Jaejoong doing everyday things, such as taking a taxi to the market, exploring, and going to a restaurant for lunch.

Kim Jaejoong at the market | Channel A

He admitted that this is his first time seeing him live his day and that he rarely monitors himself to see how he appears on screen. To this, the panelist and singer Lee Seung Chul said, “You need to meet a girlfriend soon.” and Kim Jae Joong gave a shocking reply:

I’m in a relationship now.

| Channel A

The sudden confession of dating was shut down quickly when panelist Jang Young Ran asked, “In a relationship with your fans?” A surprised Kim Jaejoong then responded, “Huh? How did you know?”

Kim Young Ran (left) and Kim Jaejoong (right) | Channel A

The studio laughed together, and Lee Seung Chul pointed out that many celebrities in his generation made “dad” jokes like that, and jokingly apologized on behalf of Kim Jae Joong.

It’s because this is our generation. We all said stuff like this during our time.

— Lee Seung Chul

Lee Seung Chul (left) and Moon Se Yoon (right) | Channel A

Everyone laughed at Kim Jaejoong’s cute and silly joke, calling him a “born-to-be idol,” and viewers who watched the show responded with comments like, “Aaah! I legit screamed” and “Omg crazy!!!


Source: MBC News
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