Actor Kim Jae Wook Spotted Being Sweet Towards Park Min Young In Between Filming

They have such great chemistry.

Actor Kim Jae Wook was spotted being very sweet to co-star Park Min Young in between the filming of their drama Her Private Life.

On April 19, tvN released the making film for Her Private Life where the two co-stars showed extraordinary chemistry. The two actors happily shared cotton candy in between breaks…


And had a blast riding a rollercoaster together!


In particular, Kim Jae Wook could be seen being very sweet to his co-star even off camera, helping her wear her jacket so that she isn’t cold.


And it wasn’t only Park Min Young that received Kim Jae Wook’s care. When a child actor asked in between one of the scenes if there was an NG, Kim Jae Wook kindly said, “But it’s not because of you Mino,” and gave him a big hug.


It seems that Kim Jae Wook is just a very sweet person in general!


Check out the full making clip below: