Kim Jaehwan Looks Like A Knight In Shining Armor And You Might Fall In Love Seeing It

Looking regal.

Former Wanna One member and soloist Kim Jaehwan looked like a knight in shining armor at the Golden Disc Awards.

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The event was centered around the theme of costumes and cosplay, and the artists who went to the event sported costumes from movies and TV shows. Many believe that he chose to dress up as Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, and he seems to have the whole ‘fit down!

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He shines like royalty, and both international and domestic fans are calling him “The Prince of Ballads.” He’s dressed for the role, and fans are fawning over how majestic he looks. Some have even joked that they’d love to be his princess.

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So when are you making your own country? I want to be a citizen of Kim Jaehwan.

– Korean Netizen

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Source: Pann
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