Kim Jaehwan Says Wanna One Members Still Keep In Touch And Hype Each Other Up

They’ve kept their friendship strong.

On the latest episode of Section TV, former Wanna One member Kim Jaehwan appeared to promote his upcoming solo debut and shared updates on how the other Wanna One members are doing!

Kim Jaehwan’s Solo Album Cover


When the interviewer asked Kim Jaehwan about how his fellow former Wanna One members are doing and what they though about Kim Jaehwan’s solo debut, he claimed they still keep in touch regularly and support each other on all of their endeavors!


Kim Jaehwan revealed that there is a group chat with all Wanna One members. Through this group chat, Wanna One members follow updates and news about their lives after the project group.

Wanna One Members

We’re actually all in a group chat together…

— Kim Jaehwan


Kim Jaehwan shared that whenever a former Wanna One member has good news, like a solo album or a chart win, the other members get all excited in the group chat and hype that person up.

When any one of us releases a solo album… or wins on a music show… Or even on each other’s birthdays, we’re in the group chat sending congratulations. So I look forward to hearing from them when my solo album does come out!

— Kim Jaehwan


Kim Jaehwan added, for example, that when Yoon Jisung enlisted in the army to serve his military duty, Wanna One members all said goodbye and wished him good luck in the group chat too!

Yoon Jisung Enlisting for His Military Duty


Fans are glad to hear that the brotherhood is still strong among Wanna One members. Even though the group itself has disbanded, Wanna One boys have stayed close friends and continue to encourage each other in working toward their own dreams and goals!

Wanna One Members Together at Their Last Concert


Meanwhile, Kim Jaehwan’s solo album drops on May 20, 2019. The main track, “Begin Again”, is highly anticipated among his fans – not only for Kim Jaehwan’s amazing vocals but also for the aesthetic music video featuring the actress Kim Yoo Jung! Check out the teaser below:

Wanna One