Former BigHit Trainee Kim Ji Hoon Didn’t Need HYBE’s Gym To Get Swole AF

One word: WOW.

Kim Ji Hoon clearly didn’t need to hit their gym to get muscular! In case you don’t know him, he is a former trainee at BigHit Entertainment (now under the name HYBE), the home of world-famous boy group BTS.

Kim Ji Hoon

He is a former K-Pop idol trainee who was in one of the biggest Korean companies there is. Though he is no longer pursuing the path of a singer, he is still in touch with his friends from the company and talks about his past often.

Some people may recognize him from his YouTube channel where he often posts about his past experiences in the K-Pop world as an almost-member of BTS.

He is also active on Instagram where his pinned photos immediately catch people’s attention. These are three eye-catching posts taken several years ago ago which show him at the peak of his physique.

Kim Ji Hoon explained that he shared the photos to satisfy the curiosity of his followers. He didn’t need HYBE’s new gym to look that swole!

I think everyone is curious about the original profile picture, so I’ll reveal the body profile picture that I took two years ago.

— Kim Ji Hoon

He lost 12kg (around 26 lbs) for this profile shoot before regaining the weight. He is determined to lose a few more pounds to reach this peak again.

I lost about 12kg then, but I gained weight again! So I’m on a diet again this year 😂🔥 I have a few more pictures to post next time, so let’s have a good day today!💜👋

— Kim Ji Hoon

Like the relatable influencer that he is, he joked that even thinking about working out this much again is making him tired.

This is my second favorite body profile picture. I have to work out hard again, but I’m tired!🤣🤣🤣

— Kim Ji Hoon

From then until now, Kim Ji Hoon still looks swoon-worthy!

Watch the documentary on Kim Ji Hoon’s trainee life below:

Source: Instagram