Kim Ji Won Was Asked To Pick Between Park Seo Joon And Jin Goo… And She Answered

Having to select between two iconic K-Drama couples.

Kim Ji Won has been a part of many famous K-Drama couples, where she has acted with many great actors.

One of her most famous pairings is with Jin Goo in Descendants of The Sun.

Another one of her famous pairings is when she acted as a couple with Park Seo Joon, in Fight for My Way.

During the 2016 KBS Drama Awards, Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo won the “Best Couple” award. During the 2017 KBS Drama Awards, Kim Ji Won won the award again, this time with Park Seo Joon.

The hosts of the award show asked her a difficult question, where they wanted to know which pairing she preferred.

Kim Ji Won initially gives a friendly answer, where she combines both of their names.

After a bit of thinking, Kim Ji Won selects Park Seo Joon, but her answer might have been influenced by the fact that Park Seo Joon was right next to her.

Here is the full video below!