Kim Jong Kook’s Deepest Secrets Exposed By His Own Brother

Kim Jong Kook went on a blind date for Running Man‘s “Members Week”, but his brother, Kim Jong Myung,  was also dished a few stories as the date progressed.

Jong Myung’s role was to watch the date as it occurred and asked to comment.

During the date, Jong Myung shared some of Jong Kook’s most embarrassing habits about food, his healthy lifestyle, and how he treats a girl when he’s interested.

He was then asked to comment on the date as he first saw it, and give his opinion on Jong Kook’s preferences.

Jong Kook was immediately shot down when he said that he was not a picky either when his date talked about her eating habits.

The meal consisted mostly of meat and fast food items and the members of Running Man cannot help but argue at his deception.

They even called him out as lying!

Of course, it was all done in good faith.

Thank goodness the date couldn’t hear… or could they? All in all, it was great to learn so much about the star!