Kim Jong Kook Once “Forcefully” Revealed BTS Jungkook’s Abs

But fans were thankful.

Clips from back when BTS appeared on SBS-TV‘s Running Man has been resurfacing after Kim Jong Kook mentioned it on May 19th’s episode.

On the episode, the members were informed that they had to perform a group dance at their 9-year anniversary fan meeting and talked about challenging themselves to BTS’s “Idol”.


Then Yoo Jae Suk brought up the fact that BTS appeared on Running Man in the past and expressed that he still feels terrible when he thinks about that time.

When I think about that time, it still hurts my heart.

ㅡ Yoo Jae Suk


The BTS members apparently had quite a difficult time on their last appearance on Running Man. However, Kim Jong Kook mentioned that there was one thing that ARMYs were happy about, which was when he forcefully revealed Jungkook’s abs.

But the fans were happy. Because I opened Jungkook’s abs. So ARMYs were very happy.

ㅡ Kim Jong Kook


BTS appeared on the show back in 2016 and diligently participated in a game of moving boxes.


In fact, they used all kinds of tactics to interfere with each other’s missions. For instance, after trying to hold back Lee Kwang Soo, Jimin went ahead and climbed onto his back to slow him down.


This is when Kim Jong Kook got a hold of Jungkook and “forcefully” revealed his abs.


During the process of holding him down, Kim Jong Kook completely showed all of Jungkook’s abs and back muscles and it seems fans were thankful!


Watch the full video clip below:

Source: Dispatch