Kim Jong Kook Has Quite The Luck And Meets TWICE At One Of The Worst Possible Times

TWICE couldn’t contain their shock and laughter.

Usually, meeting TWICE can be one of the greatest things that can happen, but it happened at one of the worst times for Kim Jong Kook. On an episode of My Little Old Boy, Kim Jong Kook had to put on a costume to resemble a beggar because of Yoo Se Yoon. Kim Jong Kook was in disbelief and showed some rage towards Yoo Se Yoon.

Kim Jong Kook was in for a shock once he heard that TWICE wanted to say hello.

Once TWICE entered the room, they were immediately shocked by Kim Jong Kook’s appearance.

Kim Jong Kook was in disbelief and was embarrassed to be in front of TWICE with his costume on.

TWICE couldn’t contain their laughter as they found the whole situation to be hilarious.

Kim Jong Kook was in for another shock once TWICE requested to take a picture together.

Most of the time, Kim Jong Kook would be honored to take the picture, but this time he was a lot more hesitant.

Kim Jong Kook eventually took the picture with TWICE, much to his embarrassment.

The cast of the show couldn’t help but sense danger coming for Yoo Se Yoon.

Here is the full video below!