Here’s How Kim Jong Kook Reacted When Someone Showed Interest In Dating His Niece

His reaction may surprise you.

During a recent episode of My Little Old Boy, Kim Jong Kook was asked an interesting question regarding his niece Soya, who is a singer.

In the episode, some of Kim Jong Kook’s friends were at his house, and Nam Chang Hee told Kim Jong Kook that Soya seemed like a nice person. After this, Kim Jong Kook just started laughing in disbelief.

Nam Chang Hee then told Kim Jong Kook that when he saw Soya on broadcasts, she looked like a very nice person.

Kim Jong Kook agreed with Nam Chang Hee, as he told him about how great of a person Soya is.

Nam Chang Hee then decided to go a bit further and asked Kim Jong Kook, “Is there anything good about becoming part of your family?” This ended up causing Kim Jong Kook to laugh in disbelief again.

However, the others noted how the fact that Kim Jong Kook wasn’t getting upset showed how nice of a person Nam Chang Hee is.

Kim Jong Kook then jokingly told Nam Chang Hee that if he wanted to have a chance with Soya, he would need to beat him in a soccer game.

Here’s the full video below!