Kim Jong Kook Revealed His Ideal Type On “Show!terview” And You’ll Never Guess How Jessi Responded

Jessi’s reaction was hilarious!

On a new episode of Jessi’s Show!terview, Jessi brought on Kim Jong Kook to answer a few questions.

Right off the bat, the first question was an interesting one fans would love to know. Jessie went right in and asked Kim Jong Kook what his ideal type.

This question is one Jessi might be personally interested to know, being that she once admitted to having a crush on Kim Jong Koon during her episode on My Little Old Boy. She even claimed that their baby would turn out cute.

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Knowing that Kim Jong Kook knew about her crush she giggled when asking him the question. Kim Jong Kook replied that his type has changed since the past: “Back in the old days, I liked someone a bit chubby…rather than too skinny.

Jessi interrupted his answer and made a funny comment: “Oh someone THICK! Yes! Big booty fan!” She then proceeded to ask him to pick someone in the room who best fits the body type he prefers.

Kim Jong Kook without hesitation chose Jessi and made the room laugh at his slightly teasing answer. He continued to playfully answer and said “Jessi is…just perfect.”

Getting back to the original question, Kim Jong Kook revealed his ideal type.

My type used to be that but for now, to be honest with you, rather than appearance, but someone who has a connection with me. Plus, someone who thinks like me.

— Kim Jong Kook

Jessi agreed, stating that the connection between two people is the most important.

Fans loved seeing Jessi and Kim Jong Kook come together after Jessi’s confession and pointed out their great chemistry! Fans hope to see more projects between the two soon!

Check out the funny moment below:

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