[★TRENDING] Kim Jong Kook Was Scammed And Made $0 With His Song “One Man”

Kim Jong Kook revealed that he made absolutely no money with his hit one “One Man”.

In 2004, Kim Jong Kook released his second solo title song, “One Man” which instantly became a huge hit.

It even received the Golden Disc Award for Most Popular Star – Song Division and was the nation’s favorite.

In a recent episode of Big Picture, however, people were shocked to hear that Kim Jong Kook barely made any profit from the hit song.

During a conversation with Lee Sang Min, HaHa revealed that Kim Jong Kook was smart but very gullible.

He referred to “One Man” and revealed that Kim Jong Kook only made a profit of $132 USD, despite it having been a huge hit.

Lee Sang Min then added that when Kim Jong Kook was promoting with Turbo, he’d received his performance fee in the form of a used car.

Kim Jong Kook confirmed this and laughed along, but was surprised that anyone even knew about it.

Later in a stream however, Kim Jong Kook revealed the full truth behind his profit with “One Man” saying that he actually made zero money.

“Word has spread that I made 150,000 won with “One Man” The truth is, I made absolutely no money with my hit song, “One Man”

I had been on a hiatus for a year before coming back with “One Man” and at the time physical sales were all going over to digital sales and I had no idea how that worked.

The sales company never informed me [about digital sales profit] so I never received any of the profit.”

– Kim Jong Kook