Kim Jong Kook Shows His Fatherly Side…But It Immediately Turns Into A Lecture By His Uncle

You’re never too old to get lectured.

Kim Jong Kook has never been shy to express his thoughts on wanting to get married and how it almost drives him crazy that he isn’t married yet.

On an episode of My Little Old Boy, Kim Jong Kook was having a meal with his family. He showed his fatherly side by helping his niece with her food.

This simple action turned into a lecture from his uncle. Kim Jong Kook’s uncle saw his actions and thought that it was time for him to get married soon.

It eventually turned into Kim Jong Kook getting a full lesson and lecture from his uncle, such as his uncle seeing a wife and baby as the only things he needs in his life now.

His uncle also didn’t want Kim Jong Kook to have any regrets and wanted him to experience getting married.

It eventually turned into nonstop nagging towards Kim Jong Kook and he quietly just listened to his elder’s advice.

Here is the full video below!