Kim Jong Kook Runs into TWICE While Dressed like a Beggar

The TWICE members were at a loss for words.

SBS recently revealed a clip of the upcoming episode of My Little Old Boy where Kim Jong Kook and Yoo Se Yoon got together and dressed up as beggars.

The two were dressed up for a performance they would put on together, and they had to stay in their stage outfits well before their turn.

Kim Jong Kook was not only funny for the way he was dressed, but he also elicited laughter with the way he ate his lunch.

And the highlight was when Kim Jong Kook was in the waiting room and TWICE came to greet them.

As soon as Kim Jong Kook found out, he told Yoo Se Yoon to make them leave, but that’s when TWICE arrived.

And as expected, the TWICE members were at a loss for words as they covered their mouths in astonishment as they looked at Kim Jong Kook’s elaborate costume.

That’s probably not how Kim Jong Kook imagined his next meeting with TWICE…

Talk about bad timing!

Source: Dispatch