Kim Jong Kook’s Mom claims Song Ji Hyo will be her Daughter-In-Law

“Ji Hyo is originally my daughter-in-law!”

It’s certainly no secret that Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo are very close; they have been working together for so long, that they have developed an undeniable on-screen chemistry.


Their chemistry is so strong that there have even been rumors that the two are dating.

Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo swept up in new dating rumors


Now it looks like Kim Jong Kook’s mother approves, even going so far as to say Song Ji Hyo will be her daughter-in-law!


On an episode of My Ugly Duckling, Song Ji Hyo appeared as a special guest alongside the mothers of Kim Gun Mo, Park Soo HongTony Ahn, and Kim Jong Kook. 


Song Ji Hyo introduced herself during the filming, and shared with the mothers her qualifications for being a good future wife.

“I am a good homemaker.” — Song Ji Hyo


This caused the mothers to fight amongst themselves for the right to call Song Ji Hyo their daughter-in-law, each stating their cases for their sons.


While the mothers were debating with each other, Kim Jong Kooks mom declared that Song Ji Hyo was always meant for her son.

“Ji Hyo is originally my daughter-in-law!” — Kim Jong Kook’s mom


The mothers were so worked up over Song Ji Hyo, that the MC’s, Shin Dong Yub and Seo Jang Hoon, couldn’t even calm them down!

Shippers of the couple obviously coudn’t handle it!

Source: E Daily, Star MK and Joongboo