Child Actor Gains Attention for Looking like BTS’s V

What a handsome kid!

A child actor named Kim Kang Hoon from Netflix’s When the Camellia Blooms has been receiving a lot of attention for both his acting skills as well as his resemblance to BTS‘s V

The 10-year-old actor is very active on social media as well, and the photos he’s been posting have many netizens comparing his visuals to that of V.

His small face, big eyes, and sharp jawline in the photos are reminding people of V’s childhood photos.

It can be more evident when doing a side-by-side comparison of Kim Kang Hoon and V’s photos.

Kim Kang Hoon surely has distinct charms of his own, but it’s also a huge compliment to be compared to “the most handsome face in the world“.

He might be adorable now, but it’s just a matter of time before he becomes a handsome face in the acting industry.

Check out some more photos of Kim Kang Hoon…

And V below.


Source: Insight