Kim Ki Soo Addresses Transgender Rumors Directly

Comedian Kim Ki Soo recently starred on Video Star to address the rumors regarding his sexual orientation.

Kim Ki Soo is most well-known as “Dancer Kim”, a flamboyant character he played for in the comedy skit show Gag Concert.

Image Source: ahyun35

After Dancer Kim, Kim Ki Soo continued to play androgynous characters, so many believed him to be confused with his sexual orientation.

In a recent episode of Video Star, the hosts revealed that many people asked whether Kim Ki Soo was going to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

His response blew everyone away as his true values and good morality shone through.

“I get asked a lot, ‘Are you a transgender? Are you gay? Do you consider yourself a third gender? Are you attracted to men?’ and if I answer ‘no’ to any of those questions, I believe it’d be rude of me because it’s offensive to the sexual minority. So I’ve been boycotting those questions, but in the past I said I wasn’t.”

— Kim Ki Soo

“But this is the truth: being a celebrity means everything depends on your image, and from the very beginning my image was set as Dancer Kim, and so I played a lot of androgynous characters after that.

Due to my image, there were lots of rumors about my sexual orientation, but I believe that image of me is a part of my true colors.”

— Kim Ki Soo

“So please don’t categorize me into a dichotomous gender stereotype; instead, I hope you can see me as a man who teaches women how they can use makeup, and overall, as a beautiful person.”

— Kim Ki Soo

Watch the segment below!