SM Entertainment Board Member Was Asked To Spill Some Tea, And He Revealed One Thing

“Like, who’s dating who?”

Kim Min Jong, a singer, actor, and SM Entertainment board member, recently guested on Showterview With Jessi.

Kim Min Jong

Naturally, Jessi didn’t miss the opportunity to ask him to reveal some company secrets.

Since you came today, can you spill the tea on SM Entertainment?

— Jessi

Flustered, Kim Min Jong insisted that there was nothing to say…

They have no secrets as far as I know.

— Kim Min Jong

…but Jessi didn’t take no for an answer! “C’mon, anything like…things that people shouldn’t know,” she prodded.

Co-host Jung Shik helped her out and directly asked him what most K-Pop fans want to know about—idol relationships.

Like, who’s dating who? [laughs]

— Jung Shik

Unfortunately, Kim Min Jong only revealed one tidbit, and it was nowhere near as exciting as a secret relationship. According to the board member, SM Entertainment serves delicious food in their cafeteria.

Oh, SM has…they’ve got a great lunch box.

— Kim Min Jong

Jessi was understandably disappointed, so to make up for it, Kim Min Jong agreed to invite aespa to the show.

aespa | SM Entertainment

Hopefully, he’ll stay true to his word and the girls will make an appearance! For now, watch the full episode below.

Source: YouTube