It Took Actor Kim Min Seok 6 Months To Realize He Was Taking The Long Way To Work

He was taking the long way the whole time!

Recently, actor Kim Min Seok made an appearance on JTBC‘s Knowing Bros and revealed a funny story about something he did after moving to Seoul.

Here is the question he asked the cast members, “I did something stupid after leaving Busan, my hometown of 22 years, and moving to Seoul.”

He lived in Shin Nonhyun, which was subway line 9, and his part-time job was located in Gangnam, which was subway line 2.

Back in his hometown of Busan, different subway lines were far apart from each other, so he thought it would be the same in Seoul.

It only took him going to work on the subway for 30 minutes for six months before realizing that he could walk to work in just 10 minutes.

Turns out that subway line 9 and subway line 2 were very close to one another!

Kim revealed that he found out that these two lines were close together after meeting with his friends and taking a walk around Gangnam, only to realize that he was almost home!

Source: theqoo