These Three “Kim Mingyus” Have More In Common Than Just Their Names

Can you guess what they have in common?

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu, actor Kim Min Gyu and Produce X 101 trainee Kim Mingyu are three stars who have the exact same name! All three stars are named “Kim Min Gyu”.


And after seeing their photos, it’s obvious that, in addition to their names, their stunning visuals is another thing they have in common.


In fact, in addition to their handsome features, they all seem to have a warm charm about them.


SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu is known for his distinct facial features and for his strong physique, not to mention his charismatic voice.


Actor Kim Ming Gyu, who has appeared on programs such as JTBC‘s Crime Scene 3 and MBC-TV‘s Love Me Actually, is often labeled “the perfect boyfriend material”.


And trainee Kim Mingyu from Produce X 101 has won over the hearts of viewers with his ethereal visuals and humble attitude. He ranked No.2 during the 3rd week of the program.


It seems that stars with the name “Kim Min Gyu” not only boast stunning visuals but are also extremely talented! Check out more photos of the”Kim Min Gyus” below!

Source: Dispatch