“Produce X 101” Kim Minkyu Tried His Best to Look Cute for His Selfies Until Reality Hit Him Hard

Watch Kim Minkyu’s reaction to his own “cute act”.

Photos and videos of Produce X 101‘s Kim Minkyu at a subway station in Seoul have recently been shared all over social media and online communities.

According to fans who witnessed him in person, Kim Minkyu visited the subway station in order to take a look at the electronic display that the producers gifted him.

After reading each of the messages that fans left on top of the display, Kim Minkyu proceeded to take selfies in front of it.

In order to get the best photos possible, he even attempted to wink and make hearts with his fingers, which was his attempt at acting cute.

But the reality of what he was doing soon hit him, which led to him plopping down onto the ground in embarrassment.

Once he recovered from the realization, he got back up and told his fans, “I’ve been preparing so hard that I’ve been skipping meals.

Source: Insight