Kim Minkyu Is So Handsome, People Are Saying He Can Debut As An Idol RN

He’s gorgeous.

With his outstanding visuals, people are saying former Produce X 101 contestant Kim Minkyu could easily make his idol debut right now.

Kim Minkyu is now 20 years old (in Korean age) and is growing into a fine young man. Ever since his apperance on the Mnet survival show, people have complimented his small face, doe-like eyes, and milky white skin.

People have also praised the tiny features, like his high nose bridge and long eye-lashes. In fact, people can’t point out a single flaw with his visuals! He’s text-book idol visuals.

Kim Minkyu has already been active in other aspects, like in modelling and variety. He’s even done some fan signs in Korea and Bangkok! The only thing left is his formal debut, which fans and netizens are eagerly waiting for. Jellyfish Entertainment, we’re waiting for it!

Kim Minkyu is already one of the rising stars in Korea, so fans are patiently awaiting when we can officially call him “Idol Kim Minkyu.”

Source: Pann