Kim Sae Ron’s Younger Sister Has Become Just As Pretty As She Is

Kim Sae Ron’s younger sister is starting to steal the spotlight!

Kim Sae Ron might have competition for Korea’s National Younger Sister in the form of her very own younger sister! 


The actress gained originally got her title not only for her innocent charms but also for her remarkable roles in films such as The Man From Nowhere, The Neighbour, Snowy Road, and, recently, Gomtaengi. 


Netizens, however, have recently been raving about her photos with her younger sister. Kim Ah Ron, an aspiring actress, is also gaining a lot of interest for her impressive visuals and charms. 


She turned 17 years old this year, leaving fans amazed at how gracefully she has grown behind the cameras. 


She was last seen playing supporting roles in the films Perfect Number and Barbie back in 2012.


With her potential, many suspect that she will appear in more projects soon.